FAQs for Wireless Printing

Check these FAQs for details on setting up your Epson Stylus NX510, or
Epson Stylus NX515 for wireless printing:
  1. What information do I need to know before I install the Epson Stylus on my wireless network? [ Answer ]
  2. During a wireless network installation, the printer could not find or connect to the wireless router or access point. What should I do? [ Answer ]
  3. While installing the software for a wireless network installation, EpsonNet Setup was unable to find my printer on the network. What should I do? [ Answer ]
  4. I can’t get the Status Monitor to work over my wireless network. What should I do? [ Answer ]
  5. Can I scan from the printer’s control panel to my computer over a network connection? [ Answer ]
  6. Printing and scanning seems slow on my printer when I use a wireless connection (router or access point). What should I do? [ Answer ]
  7. What is an SSID? [ Answer ]
  8. How do I know which wireless network name (SSID) to select if multiple networks appear when setting up the printer for a wireless connection? [ Answer ]
  9. Where do I get the wireless Network name (SSID) or passphrase? [ Answer ]
  10. Does the Epson Stylus support WPA2 security? [ Answer ]
  11. Can I set up my printer for both a USB and network connection? [ Answer ]
  12. I was able to access a memory card in the printer when it was connected to my computer with a USB cable. But after I installed the network software, I can no longer access a card in the printer from my computer. What happened? [ Answer ]
  13. How do I access a memory card inserted in the printer over a network connection? [ Answer ]
  14. Can I access the printer’s memory card reader over a network connection? [ Answer ]
  15. I am unable to access the all-in-one’s memory card reader from a Macintosh over a network connection. What should I do? [ Answer ]
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