Correct the "Filter Failure with rastertoescpII" error

To correct the "Filter Failure with rastertoescpII" error, try the following:

  1. Open the menu, select System Preferences, then Sharing.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If the Computer Name field is blank, enter a name for your computer.
    • If there is a name in the Computer Name field, rename your computer.

  3. Close the Sharing window.
  4. Select System Preferences, Print & Fax or Print & Scan, then select your printer in the Printer list. Click Options and Supplies.
  5. Select General, if necessary. In the Location field, enter the computer name you entered in step 2. Click OK.
  6. Try printing again.
    • If the problem is gone, you're done.
    • If you still have a problem, please contact Epson Support.