Additional Information

This document provides details on available drivers and using EPSON printers with this operating system.

Q: Why does my color output look different from what I see on my screen?

A: Mac OS X includes the latest version of Apple's ColorSync, color matching software. This new version of ColorSync is designed to automatically tune itself to produce the best color output based on the users display monitor and display settings. Apple OS X new architecture defaults to ColorSync on, and since this new feature is designed to match each users unique monitor and display settings, it creates the color difference between the screen colors and the printed colors.

Q: Which EPSON digital cameras are supported by Mac OS X native mode directly?

A: The PhotoPC 3100Z, PhotoPC L-410 and Epson L-500V.

Q: Why did EPSON delay development of OS X compatible driver for its Professional Imaging Printers?

A: With the earlier versions of OS X some printing features that are key for wide format printing were not supported, including custom paper sizes, banner printing, booklet printing, watermarks and unexpected results with ColorSync when printing to raster printer.

With the release of OS X Version 10.2 (code name Jaguar) EPSON is now able to continue its development of OS X drivers for EPSON's Professional Imaging printers with important features that includes custom paper sizes and banner printing. As drivers are being developed, please check our Website for updates. Below is our current estimated schedule for EPSON's Professional Imaging printer drivers for OS X carbonized mode. Until these drivers are made available, EPSON recommends using Mac OS X Classic mode.
Model NameETA
Stylus Pro 10600 DYE/ARC 3rd Quarter 2003
Note: Release dates for Mac OS X drivers are estimated only. Due to Mac OS X issues, EPSON may not be able to fully support all printer models within this timeframe.

Q: Which EPSON Professional Imaging printers are compatible with Mac OS X Classic mode?

A: The following EPSON Professional Imaging Format printer models are supported in Mac OS X Classic mode when using the connector type(s) described in the chart below.
  • EPSON Stylus Color 3000 - Driver Version 5.69E - Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 5000 - Driver Version 5.6dE - Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 5500 - Driver Version 6.74E - USB/Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 7000 - Driver Version 6.3aE - USB/Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 7600 DYE - Driver Version 7.2aE - USB/Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 9600 DYE - Driver Version 7.2aE - USB/Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 7500 - Driver Version 6.7aE - USB/Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 9000 - Driver Version 6.3aE - Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 9500 - Driver Version 6.7aE - Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 10000/10000CF - Driver Version 6.6aE- USB/Ethernet I/F
  • EPSON Stylus Pro 10600/10600CF - Driver Version 7.3aE - USB/Ethernet I/F

Q: Does EPSON offer support for PostScript printing for it's Professional Imaging printers under Mac OS X native mode directly?

A: All EPSON Professional Imaging printers supported by the EFI's Fiery LX, Fiery X2, Fiery Spark RIPs and the EPSON Stylus RIP are already supported by MAC OS X Version 10.2 and above, by simply installing the appropriate PPD file into the MAC OS X.
  • EFI RS 5000 LX Series - Stylus Pro 5000 printer
  • EFI RS 5100 X2 Series - Stylus Pro 9000, 7000, 9500 and 7500 printers
  • Fiery Spark Designer - Stylus Pro 5500 printer
  • Fiery Spark Professional 1.0 - Stylus Pro 5500 and Stylus Pro 10000ARC/DYE printers
  • Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 - Stylus Pro 9600UCM, 7600UCM and 10600UCM/ARC/DYE printers
  • EPSON StylusRIP - Stylus Color 3000 and Stylus Pro 5000 printers
For detailed installation and configuration instructions please refer to PSB.2002.09.004

Q: Do the drivers included with Mac OS X contain all the features of EPSON's current Mac drivers?

A: In the current release of Mac OS X, some printing features are not supported, including custom paper sizes, banner printing, booklet printing, and watermarks. ColorSync color matching may produce unexpected results when printing to any raster printer. As Apple updates and adds features to the operating system, we expect to be able to increase not only the number of compatible drivers, but also the functionality of those drivers.

Q:What is EPSON doing to make more OS X support available?

A: EPSON is fully committed to supporting the Mac OS X operating system. Our engineers are working aggressively with Apple to optimize print quality and other image features within the OS X operating system so that EPSON products will continue to provide the best image quality, as they do with other operating systems.