Epson Scanner and All-In-One Support for the Intel-based Macintosh

Epson is fully committed to supporting the Intel-based Mac computers. Our engineers are working with Apple to modify our software to run on the new system so Epson customers can continue to enjoy the superior image quality of their Epson products.

Numerous drivers are currently available for the new platform, and more are under development. This document provides details on the availability of current and future scanner and all-in-one drivers.

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Question: Which Epson scanners and all-in-ones are currently available for the Intel-based Macintosh Computers?

Answer: The version of OS X 10.4.4 that ships with these systems includes Image Capture for the following Scanners and All-in-ones. Image Capture provides basic, limited scanning support. For information concerning full-featured scanner drivers, please see the questions and answers below.

Perfection 610 Perfection 2480 Expression 1680
Perfection 640 Perfection 2580 Expression 10000XL
Perfection 1200 Perfection 3170 Stylus CX3200
Perfection 1240 Perfection 3200 Stylus CX4600
Perfection 1250 Perfection 3490 Stylus CX5200
Perfection 1260 Perfection 3590 Stylus CX5400
Perfection 1640 Perfection 4180 Stylus CX6400
Perfection 1650 Perfection 4490 Stylus Photo RX500
Perfection 1660 Perfection 4870 Stylus Photo RX600
Perfection 1670 Perfection 4990 AcuLaser CX11 Series
Perfection 2400 Expression 1600
Perfection 2450 Expression 1640XL

Question: My Scanner or All-in-one is not supported by Image Capture. How can I get the correct scanner driver for my product?

Answer: The following Epson products now have full-featured scanner drivers available for downloading:

Perfection 610 Perfection 4490
Perfection 640 Perfection 4870
Perfection 1200U Perfection 4990
Perfection 1240 Perfection V700 PHOTO
Perfection 1250 Perfection V750 PRO
Perfection 1260 Expression 1600
Perfection 1640 Expression 1640XL
Perfection 1650 Expression 1680
Perfection 1660 Expression 10000XL
Perfection 1670 Stylus CX4200
Perfection 2400 Stylus CX4600
Perfection 2450 Stylus CX4800
Perfection 2480 Stylus CX5800F
Perfection 2580 Stylus CX6600
Perfection 3170 Stylus CX7800
Perfection 3200 Stylus Photo RX620
Perfection 3490 Stylus Photo RX700
Perfection 3590 AcuLaser CX11 Series
Perfection 4180

Question: Can I use the Epson Scan drivers currently posted on Epson's website for my Intel-based Macintosh system with OS X?

Answer: Yes, you can use the Macintosh OS X version of the Epson Scan driver. However, when scanning to a file with Epson Scan, you must choose JPEG as the file format. Any other format will cause Epson Scan to freeze.