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How do I connect my video iPod to my projector?
You can connect your video iPod with an Apple Composite AV cable or an Apple Component AV cable (both shown below). The Apple cables do not come with the projector.

Note: Some video iPods do not support an external video signal. Refer to your iPod’s documentation for specifications and instructions on setting up the iPod with a video connection.

See the instructions below for your type of connection:

Composite Video

    Note: You may notice some flickering in the display when using a composite connection, but this is normal for this type of signal.

Component Video

Connect your Apple Component AV cable to the projector using the color coded connectors as a guide. If the Apple Component AV cables are labeled (Y, Cb, Cr) or (Y, Pb, Pr) use the following as a guide, (Y= Green), (Cb or Pb = Blue), and (Cr or Pr = Red).
Published: September 25, 2008

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