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What are the different Color Modes on the Video menu used for?
The Color Mode setting adjusts the brightness, contrast, and color for various common viewing environments. Use this setting to quickly obtain a good picture. Choose the Color Mode in the Image menu or press the Color Mode button on the remote control to select:
  • Photo—For vivid, high-contrast still images in a bright room (only available when the source is set to Computer1 or Computer2).

  • Sports—For vivid TV images projected in a bright room (component video, S-video, or composite video only).

  • Presentation—For making color presentations in a bright room.

  • Text—For making black-and-white presentations in a bright room.

  • Theatre—For watching movies in a darkened room; gives images a natural tone.

  • Game—Increases brightness when playing video games or watching TV in a bright room. Emphasizes dark gradations.

  • sRGB—Matches the color palette of standard sRGB computer displays.

  • Blackboard—Projects accurate colors on a green chalkboard (adjusts the white point).

  • Customized—For manual color adjustment. See Six-Axis Color Adjustment.
Published: January 19, 2009

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