PowerLite 410W Multimedia Projector

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Which cable should I use to connect my image source to the projector?
Depending on how you plan to use the projector, you may need one of the following:
  • To receive an S-Video signal, you need an S-Video cable. One is usually provided with your video device or you can purchase it from the Epson Store.

  • To receive a component video signal from a VCR or other video device, you need a D-sub, 15-pin, component-to-VGA video cable, which is available for purchase from the Epson Store.

  • To receive an audio signal, you need a commercially available audio cable; see your computer or electronics dealer.

  • Some older PowerBooks and Macintosh desktop models may need a Macintosh video adapter; see your computer dealer. Older iMac systems may need a special VGA adapter, and new iMac, MacBook, and PowerBook systems may need a mini DVI-to-VGA adapter; see your computer dealer.
Published: April 22, 2009

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