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How do I print envelopes using InDesign?
Do the following:

Create the envelope:
  1. Open Adobe InDesign. (If you have already created the envelope, skip to step 7)

  2. Click Create new document or File, New, then select Document to open the new document window.

  3. Enter the width and height of your envelope.

  4. Select Horizontal for orientation.

  5. Set your margins.

  6. Click OK.
Print the envelope:

  1. Click File then Print.

  2. Click Setup then Envelope from the Paper Size drop-down menu.
    If you have a custom size envelope you can select your custom size from this same menu.

  3. Confirm your Orientation is correct, Page Position is set to Upper Left, and click Setup.

  4. Select Preferences, then the Maintenance tab.

  5. Select Printer and Option Information and check Thick paper and envelopes, then click OK.

  6. Click OK then Print.
Published: June 11, 2010

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