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I get a computer error when I connect the camera. What should I do?
First, ensure that your serial port (com port) is enabled on your computer. Check your PC manual or tech support line about how to access the BIOS setup utility on your computer (usually a message at boot says to hit a certain key to run setup). If possible set the com port(s) to an Auto setting.

Next, your serial port also needs to be free of conflicts with any other device or peripheral. Usually an internal modem is sharing resources ( IRQ or I/O address ) with the serial port which the camera is connected to.

Try connecting the Photo PC to the port that you normally attach your mouse. If you can, remove the internal modem and try downloading the snapshots again. Or, try loading the Easy Photo software on another PC and test it.

For the best image output, install the latest, highest color resolution Windows video driver your video card can use.

Easy photo software installation doesn't overwrite an existing TWAIN.DLL in the windows directory. Before reinstalling the Easy Photo software, go into the Windows directory and rename any existing TWAIN.DLL. Then reinstall the easy photo software. Also, if using Windows 3.1, check the Windows Win.ini file for a Twain reference and path statement. If it is directed to another Twain driver directory, place a semicolon and a space at the beginning of the line(s). Graphic applications should not be affected as they can select from alternative Twain sources.

Its best to run Easy Photo without other Windows applications, virus utilities and other programs running in the background. Check for applications launched from the Startup Group (or folder) and the Win.ini files RUN= and RUN= lines. Check the system resources also - in Windows 3.1 Program Manager, click-on Help / About Program Manager. In Windows 95, Start /Settings / Control Panel /System / Performance.

Last, you can check the serial port settings in Windows 95 Device Manager and alter a setting which may allow the camera to be recognized. Open the device manager (Start / Settings / Control Panel / System / Device Manager) and double click on the com port that the camera is connected to. This pulls up the com port properties. Then click on the port settings tab. Then click on the Advanced button. Disable the FIFO buffer. Close out and restart Windows. Try to connect to the camera now.

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