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What should I do if my pictures are blurry or out of focus?

1. Make sure your subject is centered in the viewfinder or LCD display then 1/2 press the shutter button, this is when the camera performs its auto focus on what is present only in the center of lens, then continue to fully depress the shutter button while holding the camera perfectly still during the exposure. Make sure you hold the camera steady after you press the shutter button (until the red light starts to flash), and your subject isn't moving. If you are shaking the camera when you lock the focus, a warning icon appears in the right corner of the LCD. If you want to photograph a moving subject, you can also use Program (Sports Mode) or Manual (Shutter Priority) to increase the shutter speed.
2. As lighting conditions change so will exposure settings which can contribute to blurry images. For example if lighting is dim exposure times become longer and the slightest movement of the camera during the exposure will result in a blurry image proportional to the amount the camera was moved during the exposure. As lighting conditions require longer exposure times try resting the camera on a stable surface or a tripod when lighting conditions make it difficult to hand hold the camera steady enough during an exposure.
3. The built-in flash has a range of approximately 14 feet. If you are in poor lighting conditions and need better flash range, consider using the HotShoe adapter and an external flash. If you are using a tripod, consider using the 10 second time delay feature to avoid movement when pressing the shutter button. Refer to the user's guide for more information on taking pictures with the built-in flash and using the shutter time delay feature.
4. If you get blurry images turn the camera OFF then back ON again. This will reset the camera's focus mechanism.
5. In between photos the camera will automatically go to sleep. If the lens is accidentally repositioned (pushed in) when the camera is asleep, the focus setting for the lens is no longer correct. When the camera wakes up to capture more photos, it will continue to use the current focus setting; this may result in blurry images. Turn the camera OFF and back ON. This will re-calibrate the camera's focusing mechanism. As a precaution, when the lens is extended, avoid any contact between the lens and any hard surface

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