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You get an error message when you try to transfer your pictures to the computer.
Make sure the JumpShot USB or serial cable is connected correctly, as described in Chapter 4. If you're trying to transfer pictures via the JumpShot USB cable and your computer doesn't recognize the USB CompactFlash card, try the following:
1. The computer should have USB support (Windows 98, iMac or Power Macintosh G3).
2. Make sure you installed the USB card and cable drivers, as described in Chapter 1 (Macintosh) or Chapter 4 (Windows 98).
3. Try disconnecting, and then reconnecting, the USB cable while the card is inserted.
4. Make sure the card is fully inserted into its slot in the USB cable. Also make sure the card is a Lexar Media USB CompactFlash card; you can't use any other type of card with the JumpShot USB cable.
5. If you're using a USB hub port, or a USB port on the keyboard or monitor of an iMac or Power Macintosh G3, connect the USB cable directly to a USB port on the system instead.
6. If you are using the JumpShot USB adapter on a Macintosh, you need to have USB Manager 1.01 or higher. To see if you have this support, check the Apple System Profiler - devices and volumes. It should list USB and the version should be 1.01 or higher. If the computer has a USB PCI card installed in one of its slots; you may need to contact that card's manufacturer for updated drivers. Otherwise you may need to contact Apple Computer. If you're transferring pictures via the serial cable, make sure the connector is pushed all the way into the camera's serial socket. When the camera is new you may need to push it in hard to make proper connection. You should be able to feel when it clicks into place. Make sure the camera's batteries have enough power or connect the AC adapter. Also, check the serial port settings in the EPSON PhotoPC 650 TWAIN or Plug-In software. You may need to change the Port setting and change the Speed. See page 4-23 for instructions. If you're using a Macintosh and the camera is sharing a serial port with another device, turn AppleTalk off. If you're using a Windows system and have trouble connecting to the COM port, check the computer's COM port settings. Make sure the port is properly configured and that the Base I/O port address and the Interrupt Request Number (IRQ) assigned to the port are not in conflict with any other devices. Also check the port setting in your Windows Control panel. You may need to set your port to a faster speed or lower the FIFO buffer size (advanced serial port configuration). If you see a low memory error message when transferring pictures via the serial cable, close the EPSON PhotoPC 650 TWAIN or Plug-In window and use the Save to Folder method to transfer your pictures instead. See page 4-15 for instructions. (You may also need to close and then reopen your application software to free up your computer's memory.

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