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Your picture is blurry or out of focus.
Position the most important subject in the center. Make sure you hold the camera steady when you auto-focus your picture (by pressing the shutter button halfway down), and your subject isn't moving. Objects in the foreground and background of the focus point won't be focused as sharply. Once you've auto-focused, you can move your camera so your subject is slightly off center. Make sure your subject is within the camera's range. You should be at least 12 inches away to take a picture without the flash, and 3.2 feet away to take a picture with the flash. You can take a picture as close as 6 inches in macro mode. To take macro close-ups in low light conditions, use a tripod and the timer and disable the flash. Using a tripod will help you capture sharp pictures. Make sure your flash is not set to flash off.

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