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You get an error message when you try to transfer your pictures to the computer.
Make sure the cable is connected correctly as described in Chapter 6. Make sure your camera is turned on and the batteries have enough power. Check the serial port settings in your Image Expert or EPSON Photo!3 software. You may need to change the Port and Speed serial connection settings to Auto. If you're using a Windows system and have trouble connecting to the COM port, check the computer's COM port settings. Make sure the port is properly configured and that the Base I/O port address and the Interrupt Request Number (IRQ) assigned to the port are not in conflict with any other devices. Check the port setting in your Windows Control panel. You may need to set your port to a faster speed, lower the FIFO buffer size (advanced serial port configuration), or adjust the speed in your software. See "Adjusting Camera Settings From Your Computer" on page 10-5 for more information. If you're using a Macintosh and the camera is sharing a serial port with another device, turn AppleTalk off. If your camera is connected to a USB hub, try connecting the camera directly to your computer. Make sure you don't have both Image Expert and EPSON Photo!3 open at the same time. Avoid opening or working with other software applications while the camera and computer are communicating.

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