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Why does my Macintosh lock up when I try to copy files to the ZIP cartridge?
If you have an additional ZIP drive disk, try using the additional disk to see if you have a faulty disk. If another disk does not work and you have another ZIP drive, swap the drives to see if there is a hardware issue. If another drive works fine, then you will need to exchange it from your dealer (if it is within the exchange period) or exchange it through the warranty program. If another drive is not available, test your system to see if you have an extensions conflict. Rename the ZIP driver by inserting the letter "A" in front of the "Z" in "Zip" and hit Enter. This will change the loading position of the ZIP driver. Restart the Macintosh with only the Foreign File Access and ZIP Driver extensions. If you are still experiencing problems, unplug the cable on both ends and switch them; plug the end that was connected to the ZIP drive into the computer and the end that was connected to the computer into the ZIP drive. You may possibly need to change to an entirely new cable. If you are still experiencing difficulties after trying all of these options, have the ZIP drive exchanged by your dealer or through EPSON's warranty program.

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