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Can I use DOS media in a Macintosh?
You must have one of the utilities that allows the Macintosh to read MS-DOS formatted disks to use an MS-DOS formatted ZIP disk with a Macintosh. Common utilities are Apple's PC Exchange version 2.0.2 or higher (part of the Apple System 7.5 upgrade), Insignia Solutions Access PC version 3.0 or higher, or Dayna Communications DOS Mounter Plus version 4.0 or higher. Any of these software packages allows the Macintosh to read MS-DOS formatted disks. Each package has its own requirements. Check with the software vendor for information on which package is best for you. NOTE: The software utilities should read ZIP disks just as they would read an MS-DOS formatted diskette. For problems with installation or use of the utility, contact the software vendor for technical assistance. EPSON does not provide technical support for these Macintosh products.

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