Epson Zip-100S (SCSI)

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The ZIP drive is not seen by my Macintosh. What is going wrong?
Frequent conflicts may be caused by some scanner SCSI, Avid Video Capture, Apple Photo Access, and PC Control extensions. First, try to rename the ZIP driver to see if there is an extensions conflict. Go to the Hard Drive, go to the Systems folder, then open the Extensions folder. Click on the ZIP driver and insert the letter "A" in front of the "Z" and hit Enter. This will change the loading position of the ZIP drive. Restart the Macintosh with only the Foreign File Access and ZIP Driver extensions. If you are operating on a system lower than 7.5, you will need to create an "Extensions Disabled" folder and rebuild the desktop. Load the extensions one-by-one until the offending extension is found. Run some type of Conflict Resolution software, such as Conflict Catcher, to correct offending extensions.

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