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The zip drive is not working. How can I fix this?
Here are a few tips to get the Zip drive running:

1) Set the computer's BIOS utility parallel port setting to: Bi-directional or EPP mode. Check your Config.Sys file for a LASTDRIVE= statement. It should equal F or higher. If there is no statement there, add one like this: LASTDRIVE=M.

2) Some printer drivers will also install a print spooler which can cause conflicts with other devices connected to the parallel port. Try uninstalling your present printer driver (and spooler), install the Zip drive installation program and test it. When everything checks out OK, reinstall the printer driver. or, a generic printer driver. Check the Windows Win.Ini file for programs launching from the LOAD= and RUN= lines. If necessary, add a semi-colon and a space at the beginning of both lines temporarily and test the zip drive after restarting Windows.

3) Check the DOS/Windows diskette and open up the Guest.Ini file in a word Processor (Use Notepad or WordPad from your Accessories folder or DOS Edit). Add a semi-colon and a space to the beginning of the line which states: ASPI=ASP2930.SYS (make it appear as shown- ; ASPI=ASP2930.SYS ) Save the file. There is a new Guest driver available online from Epson which resolves this issue.

You should now have access to the Zip drive. To test DOS access, boot clean by holding down the F5 key at boot (or use a bootable floppy disk). Change to the A drive. Place the DOS/Windows disk in your floppy drive, change to that drive letter and run, GUEST.EXE

A new drive letter should be created. Change to this drive letter and do a DIR command. If you can see a list of files, you can reboot normally and perform the install program now.

Reboot the PC and run the Windows installation program again. After it finishes, it will copy a Guest.Ini file to your hard drive-- in the C:\Ziptools directory.You MUST edit that Guest.Ini file in the Ziptools directory in the same manner as explained earlier. (or, copy the Guest.Ini file from the floppy disk to the C:\Ziptools directory.)

This procedure will keep the Zip drive recognized on every boot. You can remove the Ziptools icons from your Startup group if you don't need them available. You can copy files with DOS commands (COPY or XCOPY) or drag and drop from File Manager.

Updated drivers and informative document files are available from Iomega on-line services.

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