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What settings do the DIP switches control?
The LQ-1500 does not have DIP switches at the main case of the
printer. The switches are located in the interface module.

The parallel module has two 8-position DIP switches. These switches
are located at the rear of the printer.

SW 1-12K Input Buffer1 Line Buffer
SW 1-2Paper Out InactivePaper Out Active
SW 1-3CR Produces CR + LFCR Only
SW 1-4Not Used-Always OFFNot Used-Always OFF

CountrySW 2-1SW 2-2SW 2-3
United KingdomONOFFOFF

SW 2-412" Page Length11" Page Length
SW 2-51" Skip over PerfSkip over Perf Inactive
SW 2-6Sound BellBell Silent
SW 2-7Letter QualityDraft
SW 2-8SLCT IN ActiveSLCT IN Inactive

Cut Sheet Feeder Mode

The Cut Sheet feeder mode is enabled by turning on Switch 8 on
the bank of switches inside the printer. This DIP switch is
under the front cover (front right corr>2,3. If both DSR and DCD signals are not ON state (Positive), RXD signal can not be received.

4,5. If the host computer is not equipped with the power supply for the Current Loop interface, these jumpers must be connected to perform communication via the Current Loop interface.

6. J10 and J11 jumpers can not be connected at the same time.

7. JX and JF jumpers can not be connected at the same time.

8. JRS and JCL jumpers can not be connected at the same time.

9. "ON" denotes the connection of the jumper while "OFF" denotes the disconnection of the jumper.

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