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Why can't I print from Windows 95?
First try printing with the printer directly connected to the computer without any switchbox, Zip drive, scanner or any other parallel port device connected to the same port. If this is the problem then install a second parallel card for LPT2.

Make sure to use a printer cable no longer than 6 feet.

Next make sure your hard disk has a minimum of 30 - 50MB contiguous space available to spool the data to be printed. Run Scandisk to make sure there are no cross linked files and then run Defrag to see if your hard disk needs to be defragmented.

Your computer's parallel port must be set up properly for your printer.

* Check how LPT1 is set in your computer's CMOS/BIOS setup. It should be set to either Standard (SPP), Normal, or Compatible (contact your computer manufacturer/vendor if necessary).

* Check how LPT1 is set in Windows 95. If set to ECP Printer Port, you should change it to Standard Printer Port. An ECP or EPP port seems to cause some communication problems and out of paper messages.

Use the following steps to change the port type:

1. Click on Start
2. Go to Settings
3. Choose Control Panel
4. Double click on System
5. Click on the Device Manager tab
6. Double click on "Ports (COM & LPT)"
7. Click on the Printer Port (LPTx) to highlight
8. Click on Properties
9. Click on Driver tab.
10. Click on Change Driver
11. Click on Show All Devices
12. Click on Printer Port (not ECP) under the Standard Port Type for the manufacturer
13. Click on OK until you get out of the System Properties
14. Reboot Computer

With the Stylus COLOR 440, 640, 740, 850, Photo 700, Stylus Photo EX and Stylus COLOR 850 printers, a separate spool directory is no longer needed. The printer data is spooled to the c:\Windows\Temp directory. If your hard disk space on drive "C" is low, and you have more than one hard drive or the drive is partitioned as two or more drives, there is a provision for setting the spooler on a different drive.

To change the directory you'll need to open the driver's properties, click the Utility tab, then click the Speed & Progess button. In this next window you'll be able to change from one HD to the next. You'll also be able to direct the print jobs to any folder on the selected drive (if you want to create a new folder, you may need to create it in with Windows Explorer first).If the hard drive is partitioned as C:\ only, the area where this information would appear will be blank.

Close the printers box and turn the printer off. Click Start, Shutdown, Restart the Computer. Once Windows has completely restarted, turn the printer back on and try printing again.

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