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Where can I get the Windows 98 printer driver?
Epson's printers are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 98 and drivers are available on the Windows 98 installation CD from Microsoft. Epson provides drivers for our newer model printers for Windows 98.

If you are upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 98, with Epson Windows 95 drivers already installed, nothing special needs to be done. The conversion takes place automatically during the upgrade process.

To install a new driver under Windows 98, please follow the instructions listed below:

1. Insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM in the drive and click on 'Start' 'Settings' 'Printers'.
2. Double-click on the 'Add New Printer' icon.
3. Click 'Next' until you reach the window that lists all printer manufacturers and models.
4. Under Manufacturers highlight Epson, under Printers highlight your printer model or if unlisted, choose the closest alternate model listed in your user's manual.
5. Click 'Next'
6. Select the desired port and click on 'Next'.
7. The next prompt will list the name of the printer and ask if you want to set this as the default printer. Either select 'No' or 'Yes' and click on 'Next'.
8. The last prompt will ask 'Do you want to print a test page?'. Click on 'Yes' and 'Finish'.
9. Windows 98 will now copy the necessary files to the hard drive and print the test page.

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