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How do I install the Windows 3.1x, 95, or NT printer driver?
For Windows 95 or Windows NT the driver can be found on the Windows CD ROM or diskettes. Just install it through the Add Printer Wizard.

If they do not have a driver that matches your specific model printer, you can install other compatible drivers provided, depending on your printer model and they should also work.

9-Pin Printers

For Windows 3.1/3.11/WFWG download file-name EP9.EXE for the following ESC/P model printers:


For the following Epson printer models, use the driver for the model indicated.

AP-2000 (use LX-810)AP-2250 (use LX-810)
AP-2500 (use LX-810 or FX-1050)FX-870 (use FX-850)
FX-1170 (use FX-1050)FX-2170 (use FX-850)
DFX-5000+ (use DFX-5000)DFX-8000 (use DFX-5000)

The EP9.EXE file can be downloaded from the following services:

Microsoft ftp site - Download EP9.EXE driver

Microsoft Software Library Forum on CompuServe "GO MSL"

Microsoft Download Service

FX-2170 - Download 2X7011E.EXE* driver

  • * IMPORTANT - When extracting this file you must use -D option for creation of proper driver subdirectories, for example type the file name followed by -D (ie: 2X7011E -D), otherwise the driver will not install properly.

    LX-300 - Download LX300.EXE driver

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