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In Chapter 1 page 25 of the User's Manual, there is a note that states the printer will print 15cpi, but my printer doesn't. Microsoft suggested I contact EPSON for the DFX-5000+ driver, what should I do?
The Microsoft DFX-5000+ driver mentioned in the User's Manual in Chapter 1 on page 25 is a European printer driver. Microsoft Europe developed the DFX-5000+ driver that allows the user to print at 15cpi. This driver was not released or tested in the U.S. The solution to this issue is to use Microsoft's Generic/Text Only driver in Windows 3.x and manually input the escape code for 15cpi (g). If you would like to test the European driver, you can download the file from Microsoft Europe's bulletin board at 011-44-173-427-0065.

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