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I am getting the message "Disk is full" on my PC screen whenever I send something to print from Windows. How can I clear this?
First, if LPT1.DOS is set as your default printer port, switch to the regular LPT1: Local Port. If this does not remove the error, using page 3-32 of the User's Manual as a guide, check the Stylus COLOR Spool Manager to make sure the correct settings are enabled. Check to see if the printer is Held. If the printer is Held, select Queue, then Setup. Note the Spool Directory, verify "Spool to local printer" is selected, enable "Use Print Manager for this port," and click "OK." To take the printer off of Hold, select EPSON Stylus COLOR, click Queue then click the word "Hold" to remove the check mark. This is the most probable solution. Try printing from Windows. If the problem persists, delete all files with the extension .jnl or .tmp (*.jnl, *.tmp) from the File Manager. If the problem still persists, make sure the spool directory is spooling in a directory other than C:\WINDOWS\TEMP, C:\TEMP, C:\DOS, or any software application directory, by checking the spool directory specified in the Spool Manager. If the spool directory is listed as any of the preceding directories, create a unique spool directory such as C:\COLOR or C:\SPOOL (or a directory name that you prefer) on your root directory. You can create a new directory on your root directory from File Manager in Windows or from the MS-DOS Prompt. Change the spool directory in the Spool Manager to the new directory in both the Queue/Setup and in Options/Default Spool Directory. Turn the printer and the PC off and back on and try printing again. This normally corrects the problem.

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