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Foreground printing is fine on my Macintosh, but background printing either hangs or is extremely slow. What can I do to increase the speed?
The first suggestion is to add more RAM to your Macintosh to increase performance. The less RAM available, the more hard disk intensive your computer will be, resulting in slower operation. Keep in mind that print jobs have to be written to disk before they are sent to the printer. If you have RAM to spare (at least 12MB of real RAM), assign more RAM to the Epson Monitor utility under Get Info (Command-I). Disabling seldom used extensions may help. For computers with small amounts of RAM, turning off background printing in the Chooser is advisable. Users not faced with memory constraints have also reported improved performance when increasing the Mac's disk cache. Another suggestion is to simplify your print jobs (use Monochrome mode when printing black text, lowering resolution for draft documents). Always use a good cable. We suggest using Belkin ImageWriter II, part no. F2V024. This cable is sold through EPSON Accessories and also from most Macintosh dealers and office supply stores. If you are using an outdated driver (anything lower than version 1.20), update the driver. Drivers can be downloaded from our Web Site ( PowerMacs have been known to benefit greatly from using Connectix Speed Doubler software. Your computer's hard disk could be fragmented and in need of some "cleaning up." Running a program like Norton Utilities may help if rebuilding the Desktop or using Apple's 1st Aid did not help. One or more extensions could be conflicting with the Stylus Color extension or using up all of your available RAM, forcing you to run mostly off the hard disk. Try booting with extensions off. You may also want to consider using Apple's Extensions Manager or Casady & Greene's Conflict Catcher. The last suggestion is to make sure that the paper thickness lever on the printer has not been set for envelope or thick paper (Chapter 2 page 6 - Loading envelopes).

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