Epson Stylus Color 880i - Graphite Cover with Ice Case

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How can I increase my print speed from my PC?
Verify that your system meets the system requirements. The print speed is dependent upon the amount of RAM in your system, the type and speed of your computer's processor, and the amount of free hard drive space and degree of fragmentation of hard drive space in your computer. Too many active USB devices may slow the printer. Disconnect USB devices that you're not using. Verify that you are using the EPSON Stylus COLOR 880/880i driver. Increasing or maximizing physical RAM, lowering the print resolution, and if you are printing multiple copies of the same document, activate the "High Speed" option in the printer driver settings. Close any background applications that are running. On a PC creating a unique spool directory improves printing performance by eliminating spooling conflicts within Windows. If your computer supports ECP/DMA mode, it should be enabled for maximum print speeds (see your computer documentation for details).

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