Epson Stylus Color 880i - Graphite Cover with Ice Case

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How do I install a printer driver from the EPSON Stylus COLOR 880/880i CD-ROM on a Macintosh with USB connection?
A USB "AB" cable is required.
1. Turn off your printer.
2. Turn on your computer and wait until you see the Macintosh desktop icons.
3. Turn on your printer.
4. Insert your printer software CD into your CD-ROM drive
5. Double-click on the EPSON Icon
6. Click "Agree" to the license agreement.
7. Click 'Continue' at the first screen.
8. At the installer screen, click 'Install' and follow the on-screen instructions to install your printer software, select your default paper size, click "OK" and restart your system.
9. You need to select your printer in the Chooser Setup.
10. Open the Apple menu and click 'Chooser'.
11. Click the Stylus Color 880/880i icon, "USB Port1 or 2" should appear as your printer port.
12. Turn on background printing, if you want to use it. Then close the chooser.

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