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I can print from MS-DOS fine, but I am getting garbage from my Windows applications. What's wrong?
Try printing the autoexec.bat file from MS-DOS. Type "print autoexec.bat >prn. If this looks fine, go to Windows and make sure the correct printer driver is selected. Disable Print Manager and Fast Printing Direct to Port in the Control Panel. Reconnect the printer cable and try printing again. Sometimes the video driver causes a conflict with the printer driver. To determine if this is the cause of the problem, change the video driver to the Windows standard VGA mode (make sure you write down the name of the video driver prior to changing the video driver to VGA), then reinstall the printer driver. Try printing again. If the video driver is not the cause of the problem, try printing with the LQ-2550 driver to determine if there is a specific software issue. If the condition persists, move the cable and printer to another PC to determine if the problem is hardware or software related.

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