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How can I setup this printer on a Windows NT 4 network using the Type B Ethernet card?
DISCLAIMER These instructions only apply to the setup of the Epson printers that are connected directly to your network through an Epson Type 'B' Ethernet Print Server Board in Windows NT 4.0. Epson does not support network installations and we suggest you contact your network administrator or software vendor for more complete installation and configuration instructions of your actual network. Please, read the entire document prior to making any changes to your network setup. Also, these instructions are based on the assumption that your network is setup and configured properly.

  • Your operating system is Windows NT 4.0 Workstation or Server
  • Your Epson printer is connected to your network through either a 10BASE-T or 10BASE-2 cable.
  • Your Epson Type B Ethernet Interface Board was supplied with the Epson Net! software.
  • Your 10BASE-2 network is terminated and working properly.
  • Your 10BASE-T network is connected to an operational hub and cable.

  • IN WINDOWS NT 4.0:
    1.Right-click on the 'Network Neighborhood' icon and left-click on 'Properties'.

    2.Click on the 'Services' tab.

    3.Ensure that 'Microsoft TCP/IP Printing' and 'Simple TCP/IP Services' are installed. If not, add them by clicking on the 'Add' button.

    4.Click on the 'Protocol' tab and ensure that 'TCP/IP' is installed. You will need to add 'DLC Protocol' only if you wish to print to the card's node address rather than IP address.

    5.Highlight the 'TCP/IP' protocol and click on 'Properties'.

    6.In the 'Adapter:' field, select your ethernet network interface card.

    7.If you do not have a DHCP Server, ensure that 'Specify an IP address' is selected and you have already assigned an IP Address and Subnet Mask. If you are not sure, contact your network administrator.

    8.If you have a DHCP Server, close this window without making any changes.

    9.Turn the printer on and ensure that the gr driver for your Epson ink jet printer can be downloaded from your product's FileLibrary section.

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