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How do I configure the EPSON StylusRIP Server?
These are the steps to configure the EPSON StylusRIP Server: 1. Open the StylusRIP folder and highlight the StylusRIP Server icon. Choose 'Get Info' from the File menu, then set the Preferred size to twenty thousand and Minimum to sixteen thousand. Close the window. 2. Disable all desktop printing extensions, restart the computer, then turn on the printer when the desktop icons are back. 3. Double click the StylusRIP Server icon to launch the server. When asked to select a port, choose the port where the printer is connected, then click OK. 4. When the printer has not been previously licensed for PostScript or this is the first time the program has been run, a dialog prompts for the StylusRIP license key. The License key is printed on the CD ROM sleeve. Type it exactly as shown, then click OK. 5. Open the Chooser, click the Adobe PS icon, then select Stylus RIP Server from the printer list. Verify that AppleTalk is active. Click the Setup or Create button to select the PPD file for the printer being used. Click OK, then close the Chooser.

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