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How do I uninstall the printer driver from my Macintosh?
1. If you have a memory card in the memory card slot, drag your memory card icon to the trash. Wait for the message that the memory card can be removed, then press the card eject lever to eject the card. 2. Exit EPSON PhotoStarter. (Click the Application menu on the right side of your desktop's menubar, and then click EPSON PhotoStarter. Click Quit from the File menu.) 3. Turn off the printer. 4. From the Macintosh File menu, select Find. 5. Select on local disks, except CD-ROMs in the Find items box. Next select name contains and enter 875DCS in the name text box. 6. Drag all of the items found to the trash. 7. From the Sherlock Find menu, select Find File. 8. Repeat step 5, but enter Epson in the name text box. 9. Drag the following system extensions to the trash:
- EPSON Launcher
- EPSON USBPrintClass1
- EPSON USBPrintClass2
- EPSON USBPrintClass3
- EPSON USBPrintClass4
- EPSON USBPrintClass5
- EPSON USBStorageClass1
- EPSON Printer Server 10. Drag the following applications to the trash: EPSON Monitor 3, EPSON PhotoStarter, and EPSON USB RW Switcher. 11. Drag the EPSON Printer Library and the EPSON Printer Utility library to the trash. 12. Drag the following folders to the trash: Epson Folder, Epson Preferences, EPSON USB RW Switcher. 13. Drag the EPSON PhotoStarter Prefs and EPSON PhotoStarter icon to the trash. 14. Quit Sherlock and restart your Macintosh. Then empty the trash.

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