Epson Stylus Photo 780 Ink Jet Printer

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How do I install my ink cartridge for the first time?
First ink cartridge installation takes approximately three minutes. Turn the printer on. The power light will flash and the Maintenance light will come on. The ink cartridge holders will move to the installation position. Unwrap the ink cartridges being carefull not to touch the green chip on the back of the cartridge, then remove ONLY the yellow tape seals from the black and color ink cartridge. Do not remove the blue label from the top of either ink cartridge. The ink in a cartridge missing the blue label will be exposed to air and will thicken such that print head clogging and possible print head failure can occur. If the blue label has been removed from an ink cartridge, the cartridge will not function correctly and it will need to be replaced. More importantly, to avoid potential damage to the printer, do not install a cartridge from which the blue label has been removed. Install the cartridges into the printer. The black ink cartridge goes on the left and the color ink cartridge goes on the right. After the ink cartridges have been inserted into their holders, push down the ink cartridge clamps until they lock in place. Press the Ink Cartridge Replacement button, located under the top cover, to begin charging the ink delivery system. Charging can take up to three minutes and is complete when the power light stops flashing.

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