Epson Stylus Pro 9600 Print Engine with Photographic Dye™ Ink

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Why am I getting a Reload Paper message?
The following can cause Reload Paper messages:

  • The paper may be loaded improperly (too far to the left) or roll paper has been loaded too far down into the printer. Roll paper should be lined up with the vertical and horizontal holes on the lower paper guide.

  • Measure the width of the media to make sure it exactly matches one of the supported paper widths (10", 24", 36", or 44"). A slight size variation (1/8" or 1/4") could cause a Reload Paper error.

  • Verify that there is no printed image or ink on either side of the media that can confuse the optical paper sensor.  Try loading a clean sheet of paper.

  • You may also get this message if using non-EPSON media, such as transparencies, velum, etc. Try loading EPSON media instead.

    If none of these solutions work, there may be a physical problem with the printer. Please contact technical support at (888) 377-6611 or  (562) 276-1305 for assistance.

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