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How do I install a printer driver from the EPSON Stylus C40S CD-ROM on a Macintosh with OS X?
- Make sure your printer is turned on and turn on your Macintosh.
- When you see your Macintosh icons, put the EPSON CD-ROM in your CD-ROM or DVD drive.
- Double-click the CD-ROM icon then double-click the Installer.pkg file for your printer.
- Click on the Lock icon, enter your administrator password, and click OK. You must enter this password to install your printer software.
- At the next screen click Continue.
- Read the license agreement, click Continue and then click Agree.
- Select the drive on which you want to install the printer software then click Continue.
- At the Easy Install screen, click Install, then click Continue Installation.
- At the last screen click Restart to restart your system
- After you install your printer software, you need to install the printer to the OS X Print Center.
- Double-click the Applications folder on your drive.
- Double-click the Utilities folder.
- Double-click the Print Center.
- On the next screen Click Add
- Make sure EPSON USB is shown at the top of the screen, then click your printer in the list that appears and click Add.
- Your printer appears in the printer list. Close Print Center. Note: You must install the Macintosh OS 9 printer driver separately to print from your Macintosh Classic applications.

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