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The print head hits against the side of the printer. How can I fix this?
Try a factory reset on the printer.

* Ensure that the printer cable is disconnected from the rear of the printer.

1. Turn the printer off.

2. Press the printer's power button while holding down the LOAD/EJECT & CLEANING buttons until the Paper Out light begins to flash, then release the LOAD/EJECT & CLEANING buttons and press the LOAD/EJECT button.

Control panel

Note: This does not reset the printers counters.

If the reset fails to correct the problem, then the printer should be serviced. The Stylus Color 600 has a 2 year factory warranty in the USA.

For information on the closest service locations, please submit the following information via the Internet Technical Support E-form.
Phone #:
Printer serial #:
Detailed Description :
Place of purchase:
Date of purchase:

For faster service please provide the above information to our Telephone Technical Support.

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