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Whenever I power up my Macintosh the printer switches from the printer port to the modem port. How can I correct this?
Turn off the printer and make sure AppleTalk is inactive in the Chooser. Go to the Extensions Manager and disable the "AppleShare", "File Sharing Extension", and "Printer Share" extensions. Open Preferences and drag the AppleTalk, Finder, and PrinterShare preferences to the trash. Restart the Macintosh and go to the Chooser. In the Chooser, set any Apple serial printers (ImageWriter's and StyleWriters, for example) to the printer port, then set the Stylus Photo 1200 (represented by the "SP 1200" icon in the Chooser) to the printer port. Restart the Macintosh again, turn the printer on once the Macintosh is fully booted, and check to see if the Stylus Photo 1200 stays on the printer port.

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