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Why am I getting only partial page printouts?
If you are using an iMac, there's an issue with the iMac's USB ports on the keyboard causing partial pages or garbage printing. This has also been reported by Apple Computer. To correct this problem, connect the printer to the USB ports located on the monitor. Power off the printer and the iMac then disconnect the USB adaptor from the iMac. Power the iMac back on and when fully booted, turn the printer back on. Then plug the cable back into the USB port, and reselect in the chooser.

For all other Mac's, make sure you are using the latest driver version.Try the following:

  1. Trash the following driver files:
    1. Under hard drive
      • Color Stylus Series folder, Stylus printer folder
      • Bidi calibration (1.x)
    2. Under System folder: Extensions folder
      • Stylus Color
      • Epson folder
      • Epson Monitor 2
      If you also installed the network package you may have these files as well.
      1. Under hard drive:
        • Epson Namer
      2. Under System folder, extensions folder:
        • AT-Stylus Color
    Rebuild your desktop and install the updated driver with extensions off.

  2. Confirm the printer:
    1. Make sure that both the Mac and printer are off.
    2. Disconnect and reconnect the cable from both ends (switch cable ends).
    3. Turn on the Mac, then when at the desktop turn the printer on. Wait for the printer to finish initializing.
    4. Go to Chooser, click once on the Stylus Color printer.
    5. Make sure that the port is set correctly or click cancel and select the correct port.
    6. Confirm the printer. It should tell you a new printer was found. Click OK.
    7. Then another box will appear listing your Stylus Color printer model. If it doesn't do that then it's not talking to the printer. EPSON recommends a Mac to IMG2 p/n F2V204 cable made by Belkin Components.
    8. Make sure background printing is off and close Chooser.
Also, the printer only has a buffer to receive processed information from the Mac. Allocate more memory to the applications you're printing from, it'll help them process the information properly. The applications usually have bare minimums to run. Double or triple the current preferred size, if you have the extra memory you can go beyond these specifications, of course. If you're using background printing, turn it off or allocate between 3-5000k to the Epson Monitor 2.

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