Epson Stylus Photo 825 Ink Jet Printer

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How do I install my ink cartridge for the first time?
Follow these instructions:

Turn the printer on and lift the printer cover. The ink cartridge holders will move to the installation position.
Unwrap the ink cartridges being careful not to touch the green chip on the back of the cartridge, then remove ONLY the yellow tape seal from the black and color ink cartridge.

If you accidentally remove anything but the yellow seal you cannot use the cartridge or it will damage the printer.

Tilt each cartridge toward you as you lower it into the holder. Make sure the tabs rest on the hooks in the back.

Lower the clamps so they snap shut.

Press the Maintenance button to begin charging the ink delivery system.

Charging can take up to three minutes and is complete when the green processing light stops flashing.
Caution: Don't turn off the printer or interrupt charging while the green light is flashing or you'll waste ink.

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