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What are the Error Codes which are displayed on the LCD and control panel lights?
You can use the Error Codes and lights to help determine the cause of a problem.

Red Error light is on:
Your paper ran out, ink ran out, or paper is jammed. You may also see one of the following error messages, or a message on your screen.

'Err PE' means the paper is out, load more paper, then press the maintenance button to resume printing.

'Err PJ' means the paper is jammed, press the maintenance button to eject the paper. If that doesn't work, turn off the printer, open the cover, and remove all the paper, including any torn pieces. Then turn on the printer, reload paper, and press the maintenance button. If you're printing on roll paper, press the roll paper button for at least three seconds to clear the jam.

'Ieb' means Ink Empty black and 'IEc' means Ink Empty color on the control panel, you need to replace the appropriate ink cartridge.

If you see 'Err IC' (Ink Cartridge) on the control panel, one of the cartridges is not installed correctly. Remove it and install it correctly, as described on page 65 of the Printer Basics manual.

Red Error light flashes and the following error is displayed:
'Err ILb or ILc' means one of the ink cartridges is low. Make sure you have a replacement cartridge. Check the message that appears on your screen or on the control panel to see if you need a black (ILb) or color (ILc) cartridge.

'ro' Cut your picture(s) off the roll. Then press the Roll paper button to feed the paper back into the printer.

'Err Sr' means internal printer parts need adjustment or replacement. Turn off the printer, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on. If you still see the error, contact EPSON.

'Err CE' means the memory card is damaged or the data is corrupted. Make sure the memory card is compatible and then try reformatting the card in your camera.

Green Processing light flashes and red Error light is on:
Press the Maintenance button, then remove any paper in the printer. Turn off the printer, open the cover, and remove any paper or other foreign objects. Make sure there is sufficient space around the vents on the back of the printer. Then turn the printer on again. If the lights are still on, contact your dealer or EPSON.

Green Processing light and red Error light flash:
If you see 'Err FE', an unknown printer error has occurred. Turn off the printer and contact your dealer or EPSON.

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