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Vertical lines are not aligned or vertical banding appears. How can I correct this?
If your printouts contain misaligned vertical lines, you may need to align the print head. Your printer must be connected to a local port, not on a network, to use the Print Head Alignment utility.

Follow these steps:
1. Make sure the printer is on but not printing, and letter-size plain paper is loaded.
2. If you have an application running, access the printer settings dialog box as described in the Printer Basics manual. Or, with Windows, open the printer window in control panel. Right-click your Epson Stylus C80 Series printer icon in the Printers window. Select Properties (Document Defaults in Windows NT, Printing Preferences in Windows 2000).
3.Windows: Click the Utility tab.
Macintosh: Click the Utility button.
4. You see the Utility menu. Click the Print Head Alignment button.
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to print a vertical alignment test page.
6. Select the best line from the first group of lines on the printout, and then enter its number in box no. 1 on the screen. Select the line with the cleanest, straightest edges.
7. Select the best line for each of the other groups of lines, and enter its number in the appropriate box.
8. If you select a number other than 8 for any of the groups, click Realignment and follow the instructions on the screen to print another vertical alignment test page. Repeat steps 6 through 8 until number 8 is the best line for each of the groups. Then click Next to continue.
9. Follow the instructions on the screen to print a horizontal alignment test page. You see seven pairs of gray rectangles on the printout.
10. Select the pattern with the least white or black banding where the rectangles meet and enter the number on the screen.
11. Do one of the following:
If pattern number 4 is the best choice, your print head's horizontal alignment is correct. Click Finish.
If you enter any number but 4, click Realignment and follow the instructions to print another test page. Repeat steps 10 and 11 until pattern number 4 is the best choice. Then click Finish.

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