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How do I print borderless prints when using Epson Borderless specialty papers with Film Factory?
This printer supports 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and letter size Borderless photos.

Load your paper in the paper support tray. (Note: thicker media types, like photo papers are recommended for borderless printing. Thinner type papers, like Epson Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper or plain papers, are not supported for Borderless prints).

- Start Epson Film Factory (this application is recommended for borderless printing because it has the ability to automatically resize multiple images at one time).

- After importing the picture / selecting the album / editing the picture, Click Standard Prints, and then Click the Print Assignment button in the application.

- Click the appropriate print size icon for one of the following print sizes 4x6, 5x7, 8x10. Select Sheet Feeder (no margins) or Roll (no margins) and select "Trim to Fit Print Size" as the Height/Width Ratio.

- Click the Properties button.

- In Windows, Select the Main tab setting and select the appropriate media type setting.

- Click Paper tab, make sure "Sheet Feeder" on the PC or "Auto Sheet Feeder" on the Mac is selected as the Paper Source, then Click the No Margins" box to select it.

- Under the Paper Size setting, select "Photo Paper 4x6 No Perforation" for 4x6 Borderless Photo Paper, 5x7 or 8x10 for other sizes of Borderless Epson papers, letter 8.5x11 for any letter size paper, then Click the OK button.

- Click the Print button (Step 4) on the left side of the application, then Click the "Print" icon button to begin printing.

Not all software applications resize images in the same way. Some applications don't allow for resizing, others may say they are resizing the image to 8x10 but in actuality they may create an image just short of 8x10. As long as the software application can accurately size the image file to the minimum width and length of the desired output size (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 8.5x11), then the driver (with the proper paper size and paper source settings) can produce a perfect borderless print in these sizes.

For example, If the image is resized in the software to 7.8x10, the image will not print to the edge of an 8x10 sized paper, and instead will have borders on two sides. However, if the image is resized to 8x10.2 you can achieve the borderless print.

EPSON Film Factory software can resize the image precisely with the proper print size and ratio options selected, and can perform this resizing automatically for multiple images at a time. It is recommended that if you are printing many images at one time, and they require resizing, that you use Epson Software Film Factory, or use a batch print process within Adobe Photoshop versions which support batch processing.

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