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The colors of my image on my monitor do not match the output from my printer. What is wrong?
First you must have an understanding of how color is produced. A monitor displays color by transmitting Red, Green and Blue (RGB) light into your eyes. A printer uses existing light to reflect the colors on the paper into your eyes. It is virtually impossible to have these two different color types (transmissive and reflective) to match perfectly. Also, due to its transmissive nature, the monitor is able to display a much wider range of colors than a reflective product, such as a piece of paper with ink on it.
Most monitors are not calibrated for correct color display out of the box, they have to be calibrated to produce accurate colors. Adobe PhotoShop includes a basic monitor calibrator to do this; it is the Adobe Gamma utility. This utility is contained in the Control Panel in Windows and on the Macintosh. Some of the higher-end monitor calibrators use a suction cup device that sticks on the monitor and reads a range of colors displayed on the monitor. These hardware/software combination devices create much more accurate color profiles than the strictly software solutions.
The type of color matching system (CMS) you use when printing your image can greatly affect the output color of your image. For information on how to use the various color management systems available, please check the CMS user documentation or the web site of the manufacturer.
To ensure that the images your Epson Color printer produces are as close as possible to the images displayed on your monitor you should do the following:

Calibrate your monitor
Experiment with various Color Management Systems
Try using the ICM (Windows 98 or Me) or ColorSync (Macintosh) setting

To print a file saved in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) format with accurate colors, you first need to convert the file to RGB format. Your printer software automatically converts RGB files to your printer's 6-color format. To print with the correct colors, convert any CMYK-format input files to RGB format before printing. For the best results, create your original print files in the RGB color space.

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