Epson Stylus C62 Ink Jet Printer

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How do I select the print resolution in the driver software?
Rather than selecting the print resolution in the driver, you select the following types of documents and the resolution will be automatically selected depending on the paper type you choose to print on:

  • Draft: For rough drafts on plain paper. Saves ink.
  • Text: For text-only documents, like letters or reports. Delivers high-quality text printing.
  • Text & Image: For documents that have both text and images, like newsletters.
  • Photo: For photos and graphics, when you want good quality with faster printing.
  • Best Photo: For photos or graphics, when you need highest quality printing.
  • For RPM technology select Photo RPM in the 'Advanced' menu.


Depending on the paper type you choose to print on, the selections will be limited to correspond to the paper type.

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