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What's the difference between the Stylus Color 740 and Stylus Color 740i?
The Stylus COLOR 740 and 740i printers have the same printing specifications but the 740i version body is designed to match the iMac computer. The 740i lids were designed to be replaceable by the user, where the Stylus Color 740 was not designed for that purpose. The covers for the Stylus Color 740i are not fully compatible with the Stylus Color 740. The composition of the plastic used for the case components for the two printers is different. Due to the different materials, the hinges on the Stylus Color 740 were designed to be slightly larger in diameter than that of the Stylus Color 740i. This difference in size can cause the hinge and/or cover to be stressed and even break. If damage is done by attempting to use the wrong lid with the wrong printer, the repair will not be covered under EPSON's limited warranty.

The EPSON Stylus Color 740i--a printer with "a sleek, translucent body" has a variety of cover colors or "flavors" (grape, lime, blueberry, tangerine and strawberry) to choose from. The EPSON Stylus Color 740i's come standard with the blueberry cover, however optional covers are available in any of the other four colors ('flavors') through local retailers or through the Epson Store.

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