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How can I increase the print speed?
The first thing to check is to see if the print head is moving continuously without pausing.

If the printer carriage is stopping, it could be that your computer is not supplying data fast enough to the printer. To increase the speed of the data coming from your computer you should do one of the following:

If you are using Windows 98 and your computer has a USB port, you should use the USB connection instead of parallel interface. USB ports supply data faster than normal parallel ports.

If you are using a parallel port it should be configured for ECP / DMA mode. Your computer must support DMA transfers to the parallel port. Selecting ECP without DMA will not increase the print speed, ECP / DMA must be selected. This is usually done in the BIOS Setup of your computer or through a setup utility program. Please refer to your computer's User Documentation on how to configure your parallel port to this setting.

If you configure your printer to ECP with DMA mode and the printer is pausing, it is possible that your computer is not processing the data fast enough. Ensure that you have a fast computer and that it is not busy performing other tasks while trying to print.

Make sure that you have at least 100MB free hard disk space for your print data to spool to and make sure your hard disk is defragmented and does not have cross linked files.

To ensure that your computer is capable of supplying data fast enough for the printer's high speed, you should have at least a Pentium 200 MMX CPU. Any computer slower that this will not be powerful enough to process the data fast enough for the printer.

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