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My printer will not install correctly in Windows 98 with a USB port. What should I do?
It is very important when installing a USB port with Windows 98, that Windows first detects your USB printer and asks you to install the software before you install the printer software. If this didn't happen then Windows wouldn't have installed the USB port as an available port for your printer. Also, once the software has been installed, it makes it a little more difficult for Windows to detect the USB printer so it needs to be removed.

If Windows did detect your USB printer and then prompted you to install the software the way that it should have, then something else may be causing your issue. If not, check to see if the printer is setup for your USB port.

  1. Click start, settings and then printers.

  2. Do a right mouse click on your Epson Stylus Printer icon and go to properties in the menu that   appears.

  3. Once in properties, click on details and check which printing port the computer is set up for.

It should be set to EPUSB1 if the USB printer was successfully detected and installed, if this port does not appear, then click the down arrow at the right side of the field and seee if it is listed as an available port. If so, select it and then click apply at the bottom of the properties window and then try to print. If you do not see EPUSB1 listed as an available port, then the printer was not correctly installed and you should try following the steps below to remove and reinstall the printer.

If it does appear and is selected but still won't print, see if there is an HP Laserjet printer installed in your printers window. Some computer vendors install this printer to test the USB port but we've found that once installed, it dominates the port and causes difficulty for other USB devices on the system. If this is the case, contact your vendor for assistance in removing this printer. Just deleting the icon doesn't always remove all files.

  1. Close all open applications, but t it will search for new drivers for 'USB Printer'

  2. (If it still does not detect, go to TROUBLESHOOTING & HINTS)

  • Click on 'Next'

  • Select 'Search for the best driver for your device (recommended)' and click on 'Next'.

  • Select 'Specify a location:' and in the field below it, type path listed below and click on 'Next'.

  • NOTE: Replace the ? mark with your CD-ROM's drive letter
    • ?:\DRIVERS\WIN98 for the Stylus Color 740

    • ?:\WIN98 for the Stylus Color 900 or Stylus Photo 1200

  • Windows will now report that it will search for the device 'EPSON USB Printer'. Click on 'Next'.

  • Some will now copy and then it will report that the installation of 'EPSON USB Printer' is complete. Click on 'Finish'.

  • Close all windows then click on 'Start' 'Settings' 'Printers'.

  • Right-click on your 'Epson Stylus printer model' icon and left-click on 'Properties'.

  • Go to the 'Details' tab.

  • The 'Print to the following port:' field should read 'EPUSB1: (Stylus COLOR 740/900/1200)'. If not, click on the arrow and select it from the drop-down menu. Click on 'Apply' to activate the changes.

  • Go to the 'General' tab and click on the 'Print Test Page' button to print a test page.

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