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I'm only getting partial printouts or a "paper out" or "printer off line" error appears. What's wrong?
First try printing with the printer directly connected to thecomputer without any switchbox, Zip drive, scanner or any otherparallel port device connected to the same port. If this is theproblem then install a second parallel card for LPT2.

Make sure to use a printer cable no longer than 6 feet.

If that doesn't help try the following steps:

1.Click on 'Start' 'Settings' 'Printers'.

2.Remove all 'Epson Stylus Color 600' drivers by highlighting the icons and pressing the 'Delete' key on your keyboard. Click on 'Yes' when prompted to remove the driver.

3.Once the driver is removed, restart the computer.

4.Close any programs, such as screen savers and anti-virus applications, that run in the background.

5.To re-install driver from floppies, go to step #6 and skip #7. To install from the CD-ROM, skip #6 and go to step #7.

6.Click on 'Start' 'Run' and type in A:\SETUP.EXE and click on 'Okay'.

7.Click on 'Start' Run' and type ?:\DRIVERS\WINDOWS\DRVSETUP.EXE. (Replace ? with your CD-ROM drive's designation. Click on 'Okay'.

8.You can download the latest version of the Stylus Color 600 driver from the FileLibrary section.9.Wait until the driver is installed and you get the 'Setup is complete' message. Click on 'Okay'.

10.Close all open Windows.

11.Click 'Start' 'Settings' 'printers' .

12.Highlight the 'Epson Stylus Color 600' icon and click on 'File' 'Properties'.

13.Go to the 'Details' tab.

14.Click on 'Spool Settings' and select 'Print directly to the printer'. Click on 'Okay'.

15.Click on 'Port Settings' and disable both options. Click on 'Okay'.

16.The 'Print to the following port' should read 'LPT1 (Printer Port)'.

17.If it reads 'LPT1 (ECP Printer Port)', you should change it to standard port. Instructions are at the end of this document. Close all the open Windows.

18.Click on 'Start' 'Programs' 'MS-DOS Prompt'.

19.At the C:\WIND and then click on the 'Update Driver' button

8. This should bring up the 'Update Device Driver Wizard'

9. Select 'No, select driver from list'

10. Click on 'Next'

11. Click on 'Show All Hardware'

12. Under the 'Manufacturer' section, select 'Standard Port Types'

13. Under the 'Models' section, select 'Printer Port'

14. Click on 'Finish'

15. Click on 'Okay' or 'Close' until you all the open windows are closed

16. Reboot Computer if not prompted to do so by Windows.

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