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My printer won't stay selected in the Chooser. How can I fix this?
Can you see your Stylus printer model and (AT) extensions in Chooser? If so, which port are you connected to in the back of the printer? If not, make sure that QuickDraw GX is disabled. If you're using the built-in serial interface, make sure you're using the correct EPSON Stylus driver for your printer model. We recommend a Mac to IMG2 p/n F2V204 cable made by Belkin Components.

If you purchased either the localtalk (C823121) or ethernet (C823461) interface board make sure they test properly and use the EPSON Stylus (AT) driver:

(a) For testing the localtalk interface:

The self test jumper is J4. It is a 3 pin jumper. The normal (default) position for the jumper is across pins 1 and 2. To perform the self test, jump pins 2 and 3 and then place the card back into the printer and turn the power on. The printer will generate a self test which will identify the printer and supply other useful information such as the Appletalk identity code Once the self test is completed, turn the printer off and set J4 back to the default setting.

If that works out reset the jumper for normal printing.

Then reduce your appletalk network to one Mac and the printer to make sure your PhoneNet cabling is good. If you are then allowed to rename the board through the EPSON Namer, select it in Chooser, and print. Connect the other localtalk devices one by one.

(b) For testing the ethernet interface:

With the printer on, press the black button the back of the board. It'll print a sheet with information on the ROM version and name of the board.

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