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When I print, there is a "magenta cast" over my image. What can I do to correct this?
The "magenta cast" is not a hardware printer issue. From the day desktop color printers were introduced, the ability to see color on the screen and match it to the printed output has been an issue. All EPSON ink jet printers are calibrated to match around 5500 degrees K at 1.8 GAMMA or 6500 degrees K at 1.8 GAMMA. These settings are standard monitor temperatures that are used most often by monitor manufacturers. However, no monitor will ever match the printed piece of ANY printer due to the fact that the human eye perceives color completely different when looking at color reflecting off paper or projection from a color monitor. Many customers believe their color printer should match the output of their color monitors. As a result, there have been many software and hardware solutions developed over the past few years to try to solve this issue. All claim they will "get you in the ball park", but none have really worked. The fact is, a color monitor within the home or office changes its perceived color by the user as the day progresses. As the sun or light source constantly changes, so does the perceived color the monitor sends back to the user. Because of these factors, the colors you see on your monitor are not necessarily the colors that will be produced when printing.

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