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Why can't I print with Mac OS 8.x?
All of our testing shows that our latest drivers work fine with OS 8.x. We have yet come across any incompatibilities with it.

Check the lights on the printer for any red lights, or a flashing green light. These would indicate an error of some kind. If you have an ink out light or paper out light, then that issue will need to be addressed before you can print. If the light is solid green it would indicate the printer is in a ready state.

Make sure you have the most recent driver from our web site and make sure you're using a serial cable and not a LocalTalk cable. A serial cable looks similar to a LocalTalk cable at the ends, however there are no phone wires - it is simply a straight cable that goes from one 8-pin connection to the other.

Turn on Virtual memory and set it to your physical memory + 1 Megabyte. Restart and try printing again.

If you are still having trouble then you may be experiencing an extension conflict. One issue with the way O/S 8.x works is that there are several extensions that are trying to access the printer port shifting the printer to the modem port.

Try restarting your Mac and hold down the shift key until you see "Welcome to Macintosh Extensions Disabled" at which time you should release the shift key.

You should now attempt to select the printer in the Chooser (select the modem port with all Powerbooks). Now click on your desktop once, then pull down file and click on Print Desktop. If you are unable to select the printer or print a test "desktop" or "window" page then you may have a physical problem with the printer or the data cable.

Rename the extension set and restart your Mac. Always leave the printer turned off until your Mac is at the normal Desktop.

You may have an extensions conflict.
Please try this.

1) Select Control Panels, Open Extensions Manager.

2) Click on the Selected Set pop-up menu, Select Mac OS 8.x base (or PowerMac G3 Base) base.

3) Click Duplicate at the bottom, At the Duplicate Set dialogue box the default name will be Mac OS 8.x base copy.

4) Click OK.

5) Turn on all the Epson Extensions ( Epson Monitor3, Epson Launcher, and the Printer Extension). Disable Desktop Print Spooler, Desktop Print Monitor.

6) Go to the chooser and select the printer, appletalk inactive (if it is active, then make it inactive and restart the computer and the printer), turn background printing off, select the card and close the chooser.

7) Try to print the desktop.

8) If this works you have an extension conflict and you need to troubleshoot your extensions.

Restart with extensions on again. From the Preferences folder trash AppleShare Preps, AppleTalk Preferences, and Finder Preferences. Open your Extensions Manager and Disable Appleshare, Desktop Print Spooler, Desktop Print Monitor, Desktop Print Menu, File Share, File Sharing Library, Global Village, Printer Share, RAM Doubler, and Quickdraw 3-d Extensions. Click on the Restart button.

When restarted, empty your trash.

Shut down any Virus scanning software and any programs which use the modem port such as fax software or internet PPP software. Also shut down any screen savers you might have running.

You may need to hunt down the extension that is causing the conflict. Load up your Extension Manager and shut off half of your questionable extensions. Make sure that you leave on all minimum Apple System extensions (this will include AppleTalk, Ethernet, and related network functionality if you are connecting the printer by our AppleTalk or Ethernet printer card) and Epson related extensions. Restart and test with the new set of extensions, if you are still having trouble then the bad extension is in the ones that are on. If not then it is likely in the ones that are off.

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