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How do I install the EPSON StylusRIP?
Follow these steps to install the EPSON StylusRIP: 1. Connect the printer to the computer's LPT 1 parallel port. Install the standard EPSON driver that came with the printer, following the instructions in the printer's setup guide. Print a file from WordPad or another Windows application to verify that the printer and driver are working correctly. 2. Insert the EPSON StylusRIP CD ROM in the drive. The StylusRIP install program starts automatically. When it doesn't start, double click My Computer, then double click the StylusRIP icon. 3. Choose the printer being used from the Installer dialog box and click Install. Click Next, click Next again, then click Finish to install StylusRIP. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of StylusRIP and the Adobe PostScript driver. 4. When prompted, set the port to StylusRIP and set the Printer Name to something that indicates PostScript or RIP output, such as 'Stylus Color 900 RIP'. Do not set the printer as the default printer and do not print the test page. When the setup is complete, restart the computer.

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